Hearing Muscles Need Exercise Too

Time and again we’ve heard about the importance of exercise, and yet most of us are not very good at keeping it. We keep putting it off. We don’t want to do it. We wake up in the morning tired and continued to lay in bed. We don’t want to get up and exercise and worse to get up early. This procrastination can be likened to those people who have hearing loss who knows it should be checked out but just keeps putting it off. Are there consequences? Similar to exercise, consequences can Read more [...]

Programming your Hearing Aid

In today’s advanced world, hearing aids offer advanced features designed to provide the most natural, personal and comfortable listening experience possible. Proper hearing aid programming requires a certain level of expertise and was only be attempted by a licensed hearing professional. But now, a lot of the hearing aids available in the market already offer personal programming. These digital hearing aids can be connected to the computer where one is capable of adjusting frequencies and compression Read more [...]

Hearing exercise means stimulating the brain

We hear in our brain that is why when doing hearing exercise it means constantly stimulating the brain. When hearing loss is not treated it is not the cochlea, or the hearing organ that get’s damaged. What happens is auditory deprivation meaning the part of the brain that needs to be exercised is not reached. What is affected is the brain’s ability to hear and separate and distinguish between sounds. But the brain is a super organ that has incredible plasticity. It can be retrained to listen Read more [...]

What are the risks of not correcting a hearing loss

Any organ in the body becomes weak when it is not being used.  Since we now know that hearing is housed inside our brain, it stands to reason that depriving that part of the brain from auditory stimulation is not healthy for it.   We must stimulate our part of the brain that does our hearing for us, and keep it active and processing sound all the time so it never sits unused.  However, when you have a hearing loss, this is essentially what you are letting happen.   A muscle Read more [...]

Who Is At Risk For Hearing Loss?

For many people, something as simple as having their hearing ability routinely checked is a scary thought – almost like it is for most of us to go to the dentist once every six months. There are well over 30 million Americans with some hearing loss. Everyone else is at risk of acquiring a hearing loss at some point in their life. For many people, something as simple as having their hearing ability routinely checked is a scary thought – almost like it is for most of us to go to the dentist Read more [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease or Hearing Loss?

Many Years ago, my Grandfather passed away with Alzheimer’s Disease, so I know how hard for loved ones the disease can be. Almost 20 years ago, Weinstein and Amsel studied the prevalence of hearing loss in 30 institutionalized patients with the diagnosis of senile dementia and found that 83% of the sample had hearing loss that exceeded 25 dB HL, a percentage significantly higher than a comparable random sample of patients without dementia. Interestingly, 10 of the subjects, or 33%, were reclassified Read more [...]

Tis the season for hearing aid repair

Summer is approaching quickly which means broken hearing aids will be on the rise. Since the worst enemy of hearing aids is moisture and dirt, you should take extra precautions with increased outdoor activities. One of the best things you can do is get a Dry-Aid kit to store your hearing aid in at night. This will remove most of the sweat and humidity that accumulate in the hearing aid during the day which can cause the delicate components to corrode and eventually break. Another important Read more [...]

Hearing Aids Dallas | Hearing Aids Houston

Clients of Hearing Haven's Carrollton Audiology clinic get a special treat every time they walk in the door. Andra Schulz is there to welcome them with a smile and the expertise that comes only with experience. Andra has worked in the hearing aid field for over 20 years. She understands the frustrations of hearing loss and the importance of quality products and compassionate service. Each client is treated as a long time friend and gets her full attention. According to Bob Bare, president and Read more [...]

Affordable Hearing Aids

The cost of hearing aids is a huge barrier for millions of people who want to experience better hearing. If you or a loved one are looking for a cheaper solution to hearing aids than the industry standard of up to $7000, you need to look into the Hearing For Life program. Find out how you can get affordable hearing aids by clicking that link. There is also a great article on the lower half of the page that answers the question I hear time and again, "Why are hearing aids so expensive?" Check Read more [...]

Hearing Aid Repair

Like all electronic devices, hearing aids eventually need maintenance. When that time comes, it can be a scary, and sometimes frustrating event. Hearing aids aren't simply another cool gadget that we all seem to be collecting with increasing frequency; they are an integral part of our toolbox to connect us with the people and things in life that we love and enjoy. So, where do we turn at this critical juncture? There are two options when you need to get your hearing aid repaired. Let's take Read more [...]