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Ghost Squad Hackers

nInj4 4$$4$$I4n$

"Ghost SquadHackers"

Greetings Admin, I'm nInj4 4$$4$$I4n$ of Ghost Squad Hackers
Attackers may or may have created access points for themselves sometimes called backdoors
Attackers could compromise other services on the server or escalate their access and even stole confidential data from your server.
Removing a compromised website's backdoors is difficult because it is not possible to be certain all backdoors have been found.
Even I, myself, gained access on any files on your server but I highly assured you that no "backdoors"
I suggest you to patch your sec Hackers as soon as possible to avoid further attacks by others.
Don't forget that I am nInj4 4$$4$$I4n$ of Ghost Squad Hackers.

"We are Ghost Squad, We are Ghosts, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us."